Saturday, April 18, 2009

1 Week Away!

Ok....race day is 1 week away! I am one week away from my New Year's resolution! Can't believe it! I'll be honest.....I am NOT a natural runner by any means. In fact, I am very slow and I am hoping to finish 13.1 in 3 hours. That's how slow I am! I know. The coolest part has been pushing myself to something I never thought my body could's a crazy feeling! Still not sure if it's a good feeling, but it's crazy to think I've trained my body to run this far. Will I do another one? Not for a 1/2 marathon is VERY time consuming. Nevertheless, Music City here I come!

Here's a pic. of my race day outfit. I decided to go for the Lance Armstrong look. I thought that if I look professional then it might help me feel like a professional......maybe??...probably not, but at this point I'll do just about anything!

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