Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A tough one...

I am going to be very transparent today...my heart is very heavy this week and very burdened. It is no secret thanks to the Atlanta News and every newspaper in the Atlanta area that the county (along with many of the education deptartments in the state)I work in is struggling this year. We just found out this week that our county alone is losing almost 200 positions. The recession truly hit home with me this week and my heart aches for families and the "worry" thing I so struggle with at times came back in full gear. "Worry" is something I have always dealt with and this week I have worried for friends, for administrators, for everyone! I am never at a loss for words...NEVER! But this week my words haven't poured so heavily....they are very dry. So while this isn't the most encouraging post....I feel it is one that you can see the things I struggle with.

Anyone else have the weasel of worry pop into your lives like this???

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Lori said...

I hate layoffs in general ... but I do really hate them in schools. So much extra for the teachers who are still working. Bigger classes etc. We are looking at laying off 1000 teachers in Vegas. Terrible. My best friend's job is on the line since she just went back to teaching this year.