Sunday, March 15, 2009

surprise engagement party and a trip back home.

Tuesday night was so much fun! My closest friends and I all made the long trip home to Cton to helped plan my best friend's surprise engagement party! She had no clue! She thought Wade was going to propose in San Antonio, but really he did it in Cton and we all got to plan the surprise engagement party right after he proposed! She had no idea we all had come into town! It was so much fun and I am so excited for her and Wade! Pray for them...they are going to be serving at an awesome church in Bentonvllle, Arkansas. Brooke is so wise and will be an amazing wife! I could get all sappy bc she has been my best friend and closest friend since 5th grade, but I'll save that for the post after the wedding in Aug!

So it's been an awesome week.....Tues. night with childhood B.F.F. Fri. night with college B.F.F!!

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