Monday, February 16, 2009

Grammy Review

Got to catch a few min. of the Grammy's last week. Favorite performances....Chris Martin with Jay-Z....T.I. with Justin Timberlake. Not a huge fan of rap music.....but there's something about mixing it with performers like Chris Martin and J.T. and it's got an awesome beat/sound to it.
However, of all the performances I think I was amazed by M.I.A. the most! She was due on the night of the Grammy's.....reports said she was feeling contractions during the performance!! At first I thought, "That's just crazy!" But then I thought...if I were asked to perform at the Grammy's maybe I would consider performing at 9 months pregnant too!

Never been pregnant before....I'm you think you could have performed at the Grammy's at 9 months?


Bradley Davis said...

I just still can't get over the outfit. What was she thinking?!?

Lori said...

I would have probably tried it but not worn a back and white lady bug bikini thing in the process. That was the much braver/crazier decision at 9 months in my opinion!

Leslie said...

Yes, the question doesn't seem to be "would you perform at 9 mths?", rather "would you wear such a mis-fit while doing so?"

Lane Moore said...

I'm with all of ya...wearing black and white polka dot thing seems to be the part that was most courageous! :)