Saturday, February 7, 2009

"The box" -just unheard of

Alright.....let me just get it out there...I am not a great cook. I try and do alright but let me confess...I do things out of "the box." For many this may seem completely normal, but let me give you a glimpse into my childhood: Mom is a caterer, grandmother cooks for the high school football team every game night, both of them would cook dinner for any and every social thing I ever went to, and the thought of making anything from "the box" was a deadly sin...just not heard of. I had never had mac and cheese from the box until I went o college and a friend introduced me! My mom used to get up early and make homemade biscuits for my class just because they all requested them so much. "The box" was just not used....I never had anything...I mean ANYTHING from "the box" and yet here I am: married, trying to cook, and all I can seem to understand and figure out is "the box." However, the other night we had small group over and I made my grandmother's (Mama June's) homemade pound cake. I was so proud. Mama June used to make one of these every week. I didn't use "the box" for this and it was just so pretty I had to take a part tasted just like hers! so yummy! One more thing...there is a pound of butter in this thing people! A POUND!!! Can you tell I'm from Georgia? Anyways, here it is.

How about you? Are you "box" people like me? or homemade all the way?

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