Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top Chef Fanatics

Top Chef is one of the only shows Brett and I have watched consecutively for 4 seasons! We LOVE it! I don't even know why we love it...I'm certainly not an amazing cook! However, we do love to eat some good food! I think just watching these chefs prepare this amazing thing out of so many ingredients fascinates us. My mom is a caterer so I grew up watching her always, always creating and experimenting with food....this could be another reason why I love this show. Anyways, we were a little bummed that our guy Richard came in 2nd last season but right now we are Team Jeff. Although I must say, Fabio is quite funny to watch on television....but he just never pulls out all the stops in the challenges.

I realize we might be some of the only people hooked to this show but I'll ask anyways....any Top Chef fans out there? If so, who ya pulling for this season?

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