Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today in Mrs. Moore's class...

Want to share something that happened in my class today...it's a little lengthy but I had to write it out:

(Just before Christmas break Brett came and took a few minutes on a Friday to come and read to my class.)

Today: On the way back to class from lunch for indoor recess:

Isaac: Juan! Tell Mrs. Moore what you said.
Juan: Awww...man. Ok. Mrs. Moore, I think the Devil is bigger than God because I think that's what it said in the Bible but I don't know if I understand correct.
Me: Oh
Hector interrupts: Mrs. Moore! What does your husband do?
Me: He is the pastor of Middle School students at our church 12stone.
Hector: Oh...I knew he was Mrs. Moore..he's so cool!

end of conversation

5 minutes later we are having indoor recess. Myself and another student are cutting out some stuff for math. I see Hector, Isaac, Juan, Edgar, and Everett in the back corner. I'm cutting my stuff for math and listening in. Here's what I heard:

Hector: Guys, you just need Jesus. That's what my pastor says and I believe it too. In Romans it says "For the wages of sin is death but God gives you eternal life. Dude you need Him.
Juan: How do you get Him?
Hector:You just pray. We could pray together.
Juan: Ok.

Then I watch Hector lead Juan and Everett and Isaac in a prayer asking Christ into their lives.

Walking them out to buses:
Hector: Mrs. Moore, those guys are Christians.
Me: Hector, that's so awesome.
Hector: Mrs. Moore, I so glad you are Christian.
Me: Me too Hector.

Hector to Juan:Juan man, I pick you up for church tomorrow...ok?
Juan: Ok. What do I do now?
Hector: No worry Juan...I pick you up for church tomorrow.
Juan and Hector hug.

Me-I have tears in my eyes.

Here are some dynamics of my class:
20 students total
19 English Language Learners from Central America
1 Vietamese
1 Special Needs
3 Newcomers (speak little to no English)
2 Students in RTI
2 Gifted
All are on the free-lunch plan provided by the state
*All are created by a good God.... and today I watched a bold and precious 5th grader share his faith the best he knew how to his friends.

Have any of you ever seen children act out their faith? What happened? Did you get misty-eyed watching such sweet faith in action?


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Lori said...

I love that Lane! Love it! My 4th graders asked me about the anti-Christ when I was teaching ... what a ripe age.

Lane Moore said...

It is a ripe age. If you taught 4th grade then you def. know all the questions and conversations that take place! I bet you were a great teacher.