Thursday, January 8, 2009

Miley or Brittany?

Just started our Persuasive Writing Unit this week:

Had a great activity called, "State Your Position" to get students in the "persuasive" thinking mode. I called out two sides and students had to go to the side of the room they liked the most. Then they had to write 3 reasons trying to persuade the other side over...Examples:chocolate or vanilla, McDonald's or Burger King, Football or Soccer, Writing or Reading.

Here' s a picture of "Brittany Spears or Miley Cyrus. " Team Miley is writing their responses on the right side while Team Brittany is writing their response on the left.

It seems as though Miley has won the hearts of the young generation.

For my generation(well when I was 14 and 15) it would have been: are you Team Backstreet Boys or Team Nsync?

I was def. an Nsyncer

This was a great persuasive activity to get them ready for our new unit! And it was a lot of fun!

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