Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Instrumental Music on the iPod and the Church?

Had one of those days where everything on the iPod was some kind of piano, movie soundtrack, or instrumental music. B. and I both really enjoy instrumental music. Listening to the "August Rush" soundtrack on the way home from work (violins, girl belting out the tiny notes so that she too sounds like an instrument, piano, trumpets, etc), I remembered a small snippet of conversation between Brett, myself, and a friend at 12Stone who too shares a love for music: He said, "Don't you think it's incredible and just crazy that God gave and gives humans the ability to take single instruments....alone, nothing else and put them with a group of instruments to make a beautiful sound...a sort of beautiful chaos?"

I thought of this small bit of conversation and thought this in return:
Yes it is sort of a beautiful chaos...much like the church. People(the instrument)...all alone, nothing else coming together with other people(other instruments) and creating a harmony...a sort of beautiful chaos together.

It's good stuff. Anyone else listen to the instrumental movie soundtracks on their iPods? What's your favorite?


Anonymous said...

mine has to be: "Guaranteed - humming version," by Eddie Vedder. It's on the "Into the Wild," soundtrack.

Missi said...

Pretty much anything by George Winston. . my playlist is a conglomercy of all our playlist (all meaning the fam) so I find it comical when I'm in the middle of contemporary christian and the next song is rap! :-) then onto instrumental . . but I'm very inspired by all types of music. . and find most of it inspirational! my IPOD helps me get the laundry done! my focus turns to my music vs. the piles before me! I enjoy your blog!