Wednesday, December 10, 2008

rule of 3

The rule of 3 is a writing strategy I teach my students in writing workshop. In all my years of writing I have never heard of Rule of 3 until this year and now I see it everywhere! Rule of 3 is when the writer writes something in a sentence to stress the point even more. For example: instead of just "The girl is pretty" the writer could use the rule of 3 and write that "The girl is beautiful, pretty, and kind." It's just a quick way to get students to add more detail to their writing.

Like i said, after I taught this strategy this year my students and I both found Rule of 3 in tons of books! Everyday I would have a student come in and say, "Mrs. Moore, I read Rule of 3 last night! Look!"

Flipping through the small pages of my Bible a few Sundays ago I too found the Rule of 3! From Isaiah! That's right! "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty." I was so proud to find that Isaiah figured out the rule of 3 first:)

Just pay attention....when you talk to a friend, listen to your pastor, read a new book, or watch an old episode of The Cosby''ll hear the Rule of 3!

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