Monday, October 27, 2008

writing from the 5th grade

This is a personal narrative Lariza shared at our writing celebration to end our unit last Friday:

"Woo, Woo, Woo!" An elated voices says. I turn around its, its, ....her my 5th grade teacher. I look at her straight in her sky blue crystal eyes and she stares at me, no one else but me with her beautiful eyes.

And I heard the words, "We will have a blast in 5th grade together this year," not from her mouth but straight from her heart. I felt my heart pumping as fast as the wind blowing through my midnight black, long hair. My cherry red blood went up to my legs, straught through my belly, up my arms, through my neck, and up out of my mouth the words came out, "Hello." And then she tells me hello back.

She says, "Take a good look at your new 5th grade classroom" and I stare for 5 long seconds to the window. I felt happy. I could see the sunlight poor throuh the window like a waterfall and spill all over the coffee brown carpet.

And then I see some words on the wall that say, " I promise to help you become readers, authors, writers, leaders, yourself."

"I hope those words come true" I say to myself.

Now let me say a few things about Lariza. She is an English Language Learner like the rest of my students and she is currently on a 3rd grade reading level. She took Lester Laminack as her mentor author used his book "Saturday and Teacakes" to enrich her own writing. While there are grammatical errors, the crafts she used was what took her skill of writing to another level.

And I must really didn't hurt her that she wrote about her teacher! It's stories like this that give me that boost of encouragement to keep on going! Such sweet words.

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Leslie said...

Wow, I love that! She is fantastic!