Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our lives are a story...full of good and bad chapters

I am preparing lessons for school this week. We are now in our 4th full week of school. Things are going well. Since I attended the Reading Institute this past summer in NY my Reading Workshop time is so much richer. I look forward to my reading time everyday and can't wait to teach them how to become better...more active readers.

The other day we discussed how our lives are like a chapter we have good chapters and bad chapters (this metaphor was actually from Adrienne Gear's book entitled, "Reading Power").

I think if I were going to give my current chapter in life a title I would call it, "New Beginnings...A crazy and fun life at 90 mph."

What would you call your current chapter?

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Missi said...

"White Knuckles!" . . having a 12 and 15 year old is much like a roller coaster. . one moment you're coasting but before you know it, you're on the uphill climb again . . so you better just hold on tight because when the ride is over, they're all grown up!!