Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can you teach through cake and cookies?

Yesterday I brought cake and cookies for my class to eat during lunch. We ate lunch in my classroom (which my students always love) and watched Civil War videos until lunch was over. I asked one of my students Lariza to take Mrs. Wall a piece of cake. I love this conversation:

Mrs. Wall: Oh thank you! Who is this from?
Lariza: Mrs. Moore
Mrs. Wall: it someone's birthday?
Lariza: No. Our teacher is just really nice.

I think far too often teachers get a stigma of being mean and demanding..perhaps it's because for so long many were. I don't think you have to be super strict, discipline teacher to teach efffectively. One of my professors recently said, "The best way to discipline a student is to not be their friend, but to win their hearts over. If you can win their hearts over you can teach them anything and get them to do anything you want."

I think it's pretty good advice.


Amber said...

I agree!

Now where's my cake? :)

Shubitz said...

It is a great snippet of conersation.