Friday, July 18, 2008

Windows of the Soul...

So I'm sitting here on my couch planning away for the upcoming school year and listening to some of my favorite tunes. I stopped for a minute to write this out.

My heart is so overwhelmed with joy. Joy for my life in Christ and the things I get to experience through Him. Doesn't everything seem spiritual? I mean I'm not talking about being holier than all and everything is super duper spiritual and weird. No...I mean even as I sit here and listen to John Mayer I'm thinking ," Gosh, You really give Your children incredible talents." Then I think about all of the people at church with incredible talents to sing, play piano, preach, etc... and I'm amazed at how talented God has created His people.

I was laughing with Brett yesterday about anything and everything. Then I think about how beautiful it is He created laughter and that I get to experience that emotion.

I was watching my niece smile at her mom with so much love and I couldn't believe I got to see her sweet expression of love and that He created it for us to experience and worship Him through it.

I think it all comes back to this book I read a few years ago, "Windows of the Soul."-Ken Gire

I think this book was a catalyst in opening my spiritual eyes. It's a good one.

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