Saturday, April 5, 2008

Super Sketchy Skybus

So here's a crazy story. Got a message from Missi last night telling me that she read that Skybus was closing on Saturday. Sky bus was the airline we booked for our Boston adventure. I'm thinking, "Oh, well surely the flights will be honored for a few more months." Nope. All flights were cancelled and so I am sitting here watching Top Chef reruns and blogging. I was a little disappointed because I was just so excited about all the cool history stuff we were going to get to see, but there is a I am thankful. Katie and Heather are such good, dear friends and I am just thankful for their presence in my lives (in Boston or not!)


Amber said...

I had SkyBus tickets too to go to Ohio. Kind of glad they closed, though, cause we were going to have to drive 5 hours to Winston-Salem just to get on the plane.

Boston is great! I hope you can still go!

Laura E. Moore said...

boo skybus...they're no fun ruining your adventure like that... :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Lane,
So glad to find your blog. Keep posting. I'd love to keep up with you and Brett.
Thank you so much for the sweet gift for Baby Kate. I had just had birth announcements made and ready to send out with thank you cards, when Kate got RSV and ended in Children's Hospital. It's been a crazy last few months and they are still siting in my desk. So thank you for being so thoughtful, and we hope to see you guys next time you come in town.