Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beautiful words from the 5th grade

So my kids at school have been testing all week. Right after the test was over I said, "Guys, I just know you did so great. I prayed for all of you this morning and I am so confident you did amazing." My sweet Mayco said, "Mrs. Moore I prayed too and I know that no matter what... I did good because of God." I couldn't believe my sweet, little 5th grader said something so profound and sweet.
There are some days when school really wears me down, but then there are those days when Mayco says something like this...or one of my kids will say, "Mrs. Moore, I really love to read in your class!" heart melts. So all of the hard days are so worth it when I hear words like that!
Here are some pictures of just a few of my students using the reading strategies to enrich their independent reading time.

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